Merge ZOANs

📔 Although the ZOAN army is extremely strong after almost a month of battling with Yaki Monsters, the Yaki Army is also becoming stronger due to the assistance of other legions. Therefore, the ZOAN Trainers need to find other energy sources to boost the ZOANs’ power.

🍀 Luckily, they discovered an ancient source of energy which allowed the ZOANs to combine to become “Super ZOANs” with significantly enhanced strength. You can combine Rare 1 or/and Rare 2 ZOANs to make Super ZOANs using the Merge ZOANs feature.

The following items will be necessary to create the Super ZOAN⚡️⚡️⚡️: 💎 Fusion Stone: This is a necessary component for successful ZOAN fusion. 🔮 Proteus Stone: (Optional) During the fusion process, some ZOANs will be unable to tolerate the ancient power source and will perish. Use the Proteus Stone to boost ZOAN’s strength and prevent them from vanishing during the unification process.

🔖 Note: The stone will be destroyed and vanish once it has been utilized.

🎯 To merge ZOANs into one Super ZOAN, players must select at least two ZOANs (Rare 1 or Rare 2).

  • If the user is successful in merging, the Super ZOAN will be returned to them. ZOANs that have been merged will vanish.

  • If the merging fails and the user does not utilize the Proteus Stone, the old ZOANs will be destroyed even if the Super ZOAN is not returned. However, if the user utilizes Proteus Stone, they will not lose the old ZOANs.

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