☠️ Against Yaki Bosses?


Each ZOAN Trainer needs to prepare a squad that meets the playing conditions to join Against Yaki Bosses. The squad has exactly 4 ZOANs of 4 different classes including only Common ZOAN (Rare 1) and Uncommon ZOAN (Rare 2) to fight The Cyclops or including at least one ZOAN from Rare (Rare 3) to fight The Great Ogre.

ZOAN Trainers will be arranged to fight in the order of joining the battle. During the battle, the players will attack the Yaki Boss in a previously arranged turn. For each turn, all 4 ZOANs will attack simultaneously. An attack turn costs a few ZOON Tokens.

Against Yaki Bosses events are held weekly with 1 or 2 Yaki Bosses per battle. The ZOANs will hit the Yaki Bosses to damage them and decrease their health. The Yaki Bosses will be defeated when they are out of health.

Yaki The Cyclops

Combat Fee: 150 ZOON

Yaki The Great Ogre

Combat Fee: 300 ZOON.

Zoan's damage is calculated according to the formula: Damage=(EXP+10)RareBonusDamage = (EXP + 10)* Rare Bonus

Critical rate is calculated based on the rarity of the ZOAN. The ZOANs with rarity 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 have a Rare Bonus of 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150 respectively.

Example: The squad includes: - Oxie (Stonic - Rare 6 - EXP 120); Damage = (120+10)*150 = 19,500 - Turtle (Hydrein - Rare 5 - EXP 20); Damage = (20+10)*140 = 4,200 - Shadow (Skyler - Rare 3 - EXP 320); Damage = (320+10)*120 = 39,600 - MushRoom (Plasmer - Rare 2 - EXP 1000); Damage = (1000+10)*110 = 111,100 Total Damage = 19,500+4,200+39,600+111,100 = 174,400

Damage is deducted directly to Yaki Bosses' health after each attack.

The game ends when Yaki Boss is defeated or time runs out.

  • If Yaki Boss is defeated, 5% of the reward is distributed to the last hitter, the remaining 95% is divided equally by damage that each player dealt to the Yaki Boss.

  • If the time runs out, 50% of the reward is divided equally by the damage that each player dealt to the Yaki Boss; The remaining 50% is sent to the dev wallet to prepare for the next battles.

The reward for each Against Yaki Bosses event is 100 BNB.

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