Big Update - Version 2.0 - August 7th



EXP Reset

Because EXP will be recalculated in version 2.0, CryptoZoon chose to reset EXP. We discovered a significant difference in the "rare"s, resulting in the high rares having extremely high EXP scores. However, none of your EXP points will be lost; instead, they will be saved and exchanged for tokens or presents from us.

Only Random eggs

Specifically, the tribe-divided eggs will be removed from the Shop. Players are only allowed to purchase Random Eggs, which will randomly spawn ZOANs of different tribes.
Different Tribes will have different parameters in Training Mode. This modification restricts proactive selections for tribes when Training Mode is activated.

Yaki Bosses Information

Yaki The Cyclop
Health: 4,500,000 Combat Fee: 150 ZOON
Yaki The Great Ogre
Health: 8,000,000 Combat Fee: 300 ZOON.
Zoan's damage is calculated according to the formula (Changed):
Damage=(EXP+10)RareBonusDamage = (EXP + 10)* Rare Bonus

Update - August 11th


Turns Play Storing

If a ZOAN does not participate in Fight Monsters every 4 hours, turns to fight in the next participation will be accumulated up to the maximum of turns within 4 skipped hours.
  • You have an Epic (Rare 5) ZOAN with 5 turns to Fight Monsters each 4 hours.
  • You don't fight for 4 hours to keep your 5 turns. After 4 hours, you receive other 5 turns to Fight Monsters. You have 10 turns in total.
  • The maximum number of turn that 1 Epic ZOAN may have in a single participation of Fight Monsters is DOUBLE. Even if you don't battle for the next hours, no turns will be accumulated.
Maximum "Turns Play Storing" in each rare:
  • Rare 1 - 2 Turns Play
  • Rare 2 - 4 Turns Play
  • Rare 3 - 6 Turns Play
  • Rare 4 - 8 Turns Play
  • Rare 5 - 10 Turns Play
  • Rare 6 - 12 Turns Play

Early Claim

Activated conditions: There are two times claiming prizes fewer than five days apart.
To avoid overselling and inflation, we have updated the Early Claim function for CryptoZoon's reward system. The game's prizes will be temporarily limited for 5 days to reduce the number of tokens released each day through the Fight Monsters gameplay, although users will still be able to collect them immediately.
The system will activate the "Early Claim" function when the players claim the reward fewer than 5 days following the last claim, the system will trigger the "Early Claim" function. Activating the "Early Claim" function will cost you 15% of the fee.