FAQ - Against Yaki Bosses
Because so many questions are raised before the "Against Yaki Bosses", our team has created a special FAQ for this:

โ“1) What are the conditions to join the "Game Play"?

You must have a minimum of four ZOANs that match the following criteria:
    Belongs to 4 different TRIBES (Hydrein, Plasmer, Stonic, Skyler)
    There are at least a few ZOANs that meet the following conditions:
      1 ZOANRare 2 and 1 ZOAN Rare 3
      OR 2 ZOANs Rare 3
      OR 1 ZOANs rare 4
      OR 1 ZOANs rare 5
      OR 1 ZOANs Rare 6
Per boss fight, each ZOAN can only be hit ONCE.

โ“2) Is the reward ZOON or BNB?

This boss fight comes with a BNB prize! You can withdraw BNB instantly after beating the Boss and there is NO lock-up time.

โ“3) What factors go into determining damage?

Zoan's damage is calculated according to the formula:
Damage=(EXP+10)โˆ—RareBonusDamage = (EXP + 10)* Rare Bonus
Critical rate is calculated based on the rarity of the ZOAN. The ZOANs with rarity 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 have a Rare Bonus of 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150 respectively.
Example: The squad includes: - Oxie (Stonic - Rare 6 - EXP 120); Damage = (120+10)*150 = 19,500 - Turtle (Hydrein - Rare 5 - EXP 20); Damage = (20+10)*140 = 4,200 - Shadow (Skyler - Rare 3 - EXP 320); Damage = (320+10)*120 = 39,600 - MushRoom (Plasmer - Rare 2 - EXP 1000); Damage = (1000+10)*110 = 111,100 Total Damage = 19,500+4,200+39,600+111,100 = 174,400
Damage is deducted directly to Yaki Bosses' health after each attack.
The game ends when Yaki Boss is defeated or time runs out.
    If Yaki Boss is defeated, 5% of the reward is distributed to the last hitter, the remaining 95% is divided equally by damage that each player hit the Yaki Boss.
    If the time runs out, 50% of the reward is divided equally by the damage that each player hit the Yaki Boss; The remaining 50% is sent to the dev wallet to prepare for the next battles.
The reward for each Against Yaki Bosses event is 100 BNB.
For those who own rare 1 and rare 2, this formula will make the game more equitable.
Last modified 2mo ago