CryptoZoon is a complete platform of Digital Creatures Universe live on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

⚔️ CryptoZoon is inspired by Pokemon Story, our mission is to build a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will enable millions of individuals to participate in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming world in a simple, creative, and enjoyable way.

🚀 CryptoZoon will be the first ecosystem to combine the greatest aspects of gaming and digital collectibles, transforming it into the digital creatures universe. With CryptoZoon, Players can use their ZOANs to fight monsters, collect, grow, and join training (battle each other).

Story Behind 📖

👾 The CryptoZoon cosmos was previously peaceful and beautiful before being invaded by Yaki Monsters. They massacre creatures to eat and get energy from planets before turning it into a dead planet. More than half of the creatures were killed by them.

The remaining species around the universe have begun to gather, construct armies, to fight against the Yaki empire; and to prepare for the biggest life-and-death battle.


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