Phase 1

Graphic designs characters and Marketplace
Launch Social + Website
Audit Contract
Marketing / Pre-sale on UniCrypt Public
Launch on PancakeSwap
Public Launch NFT Battle
Public Launch NFT Marketplace
Coingecko, Coinmarketcap Listing

Phase 2

CEX Listing
Public Launch Against Yaki Bosses
Public Launch The Second Token - Yaki Gold
Influencer Marketing
Release more ZOON NFT characters
Public Launch NFT Farming
Optimizing PVP and PVE to eliminate gas fees
Upgrade Against Bosses
ZOAN Training Alpha version
ZOAN's Item
Expanding team.

Phase 3

Game studio/Partnerships expanded
Upgrade Against Bosses
Upgrade features PVP, PVE
Public Launch ZOAN Breeding
Release of ranking system V2
Added party mode in PVP and Against Bosses
Update new items and equipments for ZOANs
More Exchanges
ZOAN Dapp Mobile game (IOS, Android)
CryptoZoon Global Tournament