⚔️ Training?

Each Zoan participating in the arena will choose 1 of 2 statuses: Defender or Attacker

There will be two game modes for Training Gameplay: Career Mode and Challenge Mode.

🎯 Career Mode

This is a mode that allows you to help ZOAN rank up while also allowing them to fight each other when you are not available.

For use in Career Mode. You place ZOAN on the ring as a DEFENDER, select a specific amount of money for each match, and the total deposit amount.

Following this, the ZOAN ATTACKERS will go to the floor and select their opponents.

If you win a match, the winnings reward will be automatically added to your account after you withdraw your winnings. If you lose, the amount will be deducted automatically. ZOAN will be automatically "Knock-out" and returned to your wallet once the deposit has been depleted.

💥 Challenge Mode

This is a mode where ZOANs can compete against one another to improve their ranking and ability.

When the ZOAN Defenders are displayed on the ring, the ZOAN Attackers can enter Challenge Mode and pick an opponent, as well as try to provide a challenge level. The ZOAN Defenders will receive a request command, and they will have the option of agreeing or disagreeing.

If ZOAN Defenders accept and win, the token will be paid to ZOAN Defenders' account; if you lose, the token will be transferred to ZOAN Attackers' account.

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