💎 Why is the total supply is increasing?

  • First and foremost, we are timelocked, so new tokens cannot be minted. All tokens originating from wallet 0x00000000.. are obtained as a prize when you defeat a monster.

  • The second point is that, as previously said, the total quantity of Tokens in Fight Monster is 140 million. Tokens are distributed at initial: 570 million tokens.

  • 570 million tokens + 140 million tokens = 710 million tokens. So what happens if this quantity of tokens is exceeded? We have a very clear plan for this; so far, more than 20,000 NFTs have been sold, resulting in a total of 260 million tokens gathered from the community. This tokens will continue to be used for project development (Fight Monsters, Bosses, Training, Farming, ...)

  • Our Max Total Supply Is 1 Billion.

🎮 Why the asset of CryptoZoon game is similar to some others?

🙅🏻 Are DEVs Doxxing or Not?

  • Because crypto currency has not been approved by the government in our country due to a legal issue, anonymity is required for the time being. Sushiswap and YFI are examples of successful projects with anonymous developers. "In Code We Trust" is a phrase used in the crypto currency area. Many projects, such as NanoDoge, continue to "rug-pull" when the developer is doxxed. As a result, "Doxxing" is a bit of a misnomer.

🔐 Contract Owner can set "sell fee" to 100%?

  • CryptoZoon Contract is been timelocked. You can check here.

  • The timelock will be activated with a 48h delay, this should give you enough time to validate any of our transactions.

  • Timelocks prevent any unseen and immediate changes to the smart contracts. Changes are locked for a period of time and can be monitored publicly, alerting users to any changes.

  • It means: for every command executed from the developer, 48h delay period is required. During this time, User can fully understand what is that transaction and and make an appropriate plan for this token.

  • CryptoZoon is Un-ruggable!

🎞️ Why Migrate?

  • After conducting research, we discovered that the old NFT contract has numerous flaws; if we continue to use the old NFT contract, many errors will continue to occur, and CryptoZoon will face difficulties in the development process in the future. As a result, we decided to migrate all of the old NFT contracts to a brand new NFT contract. As a result of this change, many new CryptoZoon functions will be provided on a regular basis, as well as more new CryptoZoon gaming.

  • Tutorial to migrate your ZOANs here

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